Viewing Figures - TV Advertising spots times

The Viewing Figures spot times reports provides you with a complete list of the exact broadcast times and corresponding viewing figures for every TV advertising advert/campaign broadcast in the UK. The Viewing figures spot time report allows you to select single or multiple clock numbers, specify campaign dates and choose from over 60 audience categories. Meaning the spot time information we supply you is specified to meet your particular criteria.


The Viewing Figures spot times report runs online and can be downloaded as a PDF or if preferred an Excel file.

The Spot time reports include the break start time, the exact start time of the advert, the day, the date, the channel, the panel/region, programming information, the length of the advert, whether broadcast in a centre or end break and most relevantly, the corresponding number of viewers for every TV advert broadcast in the UK.

If you would like an account with us and don’t have one already, or would like to run a report on your own TV adverts or run a report your competitors TV adverts then please contact us during office hours on 020 7352 0555.

Viewing Figures - TV spot times reports